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Graphic Design

“Design is a formal response to a strategic question.” –  Mariona Lopez

Don’t paint yourself into a corner

One of our most prominent services is graphic design: from drawings to business cards to posters. Graphic design is the most simple and powerful way to show the world what the brand is about, what is it, how is it and why choose it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but most people do anyway

Never underestimate the power of a good visual design, graphic design is the visual representation of the image of your company. For most people, vision plays a big part in sensory impact is the first receptive when are trying to make a first impression. Good graphic design can create different atmosphere and set the overall tone for your company, thus enhance the image and value of your brand.

Graphics are good… mostly. However, inappropriate design is not just visually unpleasant but it also damages professionalism of your brand.

By choosing this service…

By choosing our graphic design services, you are entitled for:

  • Graphic design service.
  • Designer to work closely with.
  • Consultations
  • Final products exported in digital or analog format

Notes: Pricing are based on per item, not per client.

House of Cards

How do you want to stand out from a sea of boring business cards? Business cards is the first line of business diplomacy, they are your formal introduction of yourself and your company. The reason why first impressions are so important is that, you can only make it once. A poorly or lazily designed business card is often related to unprofessionalism and incompetence. We are committed to make designs that are smart without sacrificing the sense professionalism.

By Choosing this service…

Services included:

  • One custom business card design (two sides)
  • Design in digital and analog format
  • Business card printing

No go without a good logo

We design logos and all company needs a good logo. Logos are the visual representation of your company on the mass media. Without a proper logo it will not be possible to make publications, be it invoices, business mails or newsletters representing your company.

By choosing this service…

  • Logo design

Special Delivery

Good package design helps even the most boring product to stand out from its competitors. We design packages for our clients under different requirements, be it an affordable image or a sleek, stylish image. Customers often associate packaging with brand’s image, in this case, your company’s image in general.

It is often more than just corporate image. With a good package design and quality products, customers will become more preferable to your brand and build up brand loyalty, thus enabling a stable customer base.

We are here to help, to help you develop packages to stand out from your competitors.

We design almost anything graphical.

Can’t find what you want to design here? We do more than the aforementioned services. Please contact us via emails/phone etc. and we reach you shortly after.

Q: I don’t like design, can you change it?

A: Yes, assuming the requirements and/or requests are reasonable and constructive.

Q: Who will have the ownership of the designs?

A: In most circumstances, the client will claim ownership and copyright of the logo. However, if there are situations that breaches the contract, AmosLink Ltd. can reserves all rights of the design.

Q: Do you use templates?

A: No. We value the uniqueness of each case, and design new designs for each client.

Q: Can you send me source artworks?

A: No, we will not release source artworks. However, you can request source artworks that are specifically representing your company (e.g. logos).